Body Wise Services

Body Wise 60-Minute Massage

60 minutes: $80.00

 Drawn from many bodywork traditions, this massage addresses general relaxation as well as chronic pain to bring you restoration and healing.  Totally relaxing and calming to all of your senses.  Third party organically certified biodynamic botanical oils are part of this treatment.  


Ayurveda Lifestyle consultation

We will look at your health and well being through the lens of Ayurveda.  This  session will  help you to implement simple and effective ways to create lasting changes for  your health. Includes easy to follow, take home information for lifestyle/dietary approach, using the time tested principals from the land of the Vedas.  Please inquire for duration and pricing.  Note:  Consultation is booked in advance and we meet through zoom.    



Ayurvedic Bodywork Therapies

60 minutes minutes: $85.00

Part of a broader, complex, holistic tradition from India that has developed over centuries, Ayurvedic bodywork is designed to fully integrate mind, body and spirit.  I use herbal oils from India whose complex formulas address a variety of issues, including but not limited to:  muscular/skeletal issues, fatigue, depression and anxiety.  

Traditional Oil Massage with Exfoliation This treatment, called Garshana/Abhyanga is an ancient technique featuring dry brushing with raw silk gloves followed by warmed herbal oil that has been chosen for your specific constitution.    Deeply relaxing and lasting treatment that nourishes the body on many levels.  



Zoom Yoga 1:1 Session

private sessions: $35.00

Are you looking for a fresh vision for your health and well being?  Whether you are new to yoga or have a current practice, a private yoga session is available for you, through zoom.     

"I am renewed, relaxed and completely restored after yoga.  Thanks for always inspiring me!" - Kelly Cabral, photographer, Turner, Maine


Therapeutic Marma Treatment

60 minutes: $75.00

  Marma are secret vital points which can only be found on the body, that influence our mind and body.   This treatment equalizes the physiology and nourishes the body by creating changes which relax the body and mind; introducing proper flow of prana. Results from marma therapy may include:  improved immune system response, decreased chronic muscular pain, coherent heart rate, which improves over all health.    



Virtual Wellness Class

1 hour: $50.00

A multifaceted approach to self-care,  these classes introduce you to methods derived from Eastern and Western practices specifically targeted to relieve chronic conditions of the  21st century.    Past topics include:  Self massage for the head, neck and shoulders, Migraine relief,  Balancing the nervous system, Building a robust Immune system and Winter skin care.